Brand Consulting Corporation is a Professional IT AND Consulting firm with the passion of building and propelling businesses into brands by using strategic brand management. The team behind Brand consulting corporation offers the clients their two decades of experience in building business and then nurturing the business into a brand which can be identified by the target customers or businesses. We not only work with our clients to conceptualize their business ideas, but also help them implement, develop and market their ideas. Our business is building and branding your business.

Our corporation is a two faceted organization , our first facet encompasses IT products' development and solutions .Our IT Team comprises of talented and experienced web designers , graphic designers and web developers . We offer world-class customizable IT platforms like affiliate platforms, turnkey ecommerce platforms, mobile apps etc. We develop and design platforms that can be customized to your needs or we also offer complete development from scratch of an IT platform based on your requirements.

A part of our IT wing, is an unique and specialized service for brand building in today's era which is providing training to you and your team on how to manage businesses online, getting you familiarized with the internet business jargon through our customized internet entrepreneurship programs

Brand consulting corporation's second facet of business module is offering consulting services to help you fulfill your entrepreneurial ambitions, our team is comprised of successful entrepreneurs, they offer you assistance based on their own experiences of success. Our Development Strategies, b2b marketing, Innovative marketing, and Business experience empower our clients with a sound understanding of business ideas, target markets, products and technologies, and competitive environments - providing the tools to achieve an early mover market advantage and capitalize on business opportunities.

The experienced growth and marketing consulting team at Brand Consulting Corporation is comprised of former marketing and business development professionals from successful and large corporates , and you can use our expertise and hands-on practical experience to help you achieve your business goals Whether it is an individual marketing plan or a firm wide plan, lead generation for a niche or recruitment for the entire firm, or marketing training for all professional staff, you can count on us to meet all of requirements right from developing ways for feasibility of your business ideas to your growth, marketing, brand positioning and business development needs . We proud ourselves in our association with various successful start ups and SME'S via our complete business solutions .

All in all our services start right from scratch of taking or building your business online or offline , to meet your vision , and then right to building your brand strategy via different ways of online and offline marketing and maintaining your brand presence via engaging strategies for your customers .